Editorial Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines

Discussion of a healthy, respectful manner is welcome in the blog comments. A debate on the new brands worn by Selena or the colour of her lipstick is enjoyable, as long a people agree to disagree.

It is not okay to call someone a fool, stupid or idiotic, and any derogatory comments will be deleted.

Editorial Rules

The blog’s primary aim is to feature news about the clothing and beauty brands worn by Selena Gomez, and it is not intended to be a gossip magazine.

Product Gifting and Reviews

Products received for free for review will be started clearly on the blog.

Only identical clothing, footwear, jewellery, accessories, products and cosmetics worn or used by Selena Gomez will be accepted for review.

Sponsorship Guidelines

The blog welcomes advertorial and sponsored content, but not paid reviews.

If you are a PR company looking to contact me, please email me: stealtheirstyle at gmail dot com.

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