Selena Gomez and Her Girls

Selena Gomez and Her Girls

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Selena Gomez orange sweatshirt photo raquelle stevens
Photo: Instagram – Raquelle Stevens

Selena’s friend Raquelle posted this photo of Selena with her girl friends, back in July.

Selena is wearing a Sama and Haya Khadra SPRNTRL sweatshirt. Sama and Haya have a Supernatural Friend Group Inc. which I think is the name they give to their group of friends (including Selena?). It looks like they also have had some clothing printed with ‘SPRNTRL’ exclusively for this group, so this is not currently available to buy unfortunately.

Image result for simi haze sprntrl
Sama and Haya with Rita Ora Photo: SimiHaze

Selena’s sunglasses are Vintage Frames Caviar Midas Series 8863 C21 Sunglasses $299.99. We last saw her wear these in Tokyo.


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What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Wear?
What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Use




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