Selena Gomez Drives a Toyota Tacoma

Selena Gomez Drives a Toyota Tacoma

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selena-gomez-backing-her-black-truck-into-a-fencephoto-daily-mail 2

Selena Gomez grey crop top silver necklace 901 July

Selena was pictured leaving Nine Zero One Salon with Lea Michelle on Wednesday July 13th, and drove herself in a brand new Toyota Tacoma in Black! As a Toyota driver myself, I can vouch for the reliability of this brand, although Selena had a little trouble manoeuvring out of the car park (parking lot)!!! (It is a large truck).


Looking at the alloy wheel trim, I’d say Selena was driving the TRD Sport, which starts at $30,025. The model below is a TRD Sport Double Cab in Blazing Blue Pearl.

Photo: Toyota


Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Double Cab
Photo: Toyota

If Selena is a girl after my own heart, she will have wanted her model of car to have all the gadgets, such as Bluetooth, Integrated Navigation and Go Pro mount on the windscreen.

Photo: Toyota




Watch the video:

Selena Gomez backing her black truck into a fencephoto Daily Mail

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3 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Drives a Toyota Tacoma

  1. I’ve Driven the Toyota Truck Listed and Yes it’s a Good Truck as to say worth it’s Value! Personally though I prefer the Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab Long Bed Duelly! “Course I have A Personal Bias, as My Cousin Kevin “Born Feb. 29th, So He’s Younger then he looks; Works as an Engineer for Daimler Chrysler!


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