UPDATED: Selena Gomez Revival Tour Merchandise

Selena Gomez Revival Tour Merchandise

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Selena Gomez Bon Jovi t-shirt Vancouver meet and greet instagram

Selena’s Revival Tour merchandise is only available at the tour venues and by pre-order to be collected at the tour venues. Choose the venue you have tickets for to begin your purchase.

UPDATED 8 June 2016:

Some Merchandise is now available online!

Selena Gomez denim shorts Bon Jovi t-shirt Vancouver
Photo: Instagram – Selena Gomez

Selena is wearing Revival Patches Jeans Shorts $125. She is also wearing a Bon Jovi t-shirt.

Revival Patches Jean shorts
Photo: SelenaGomez.com



Selena Gomez Revival Tour MMXVI Hoodie
Photo: Instagram – Revivaltour

Selena’s young model is wearing an MMXVI Revival Hoodie $65.

MMXVI Revival Hoodie
MMXVI Revival Hoodie
Photo: Instagram – Revivaltour

Raquelle is wearing a  Curlers Sublimated T-shirt  $50. You can see the original photo here.

Curlers Sublimated T-shirt
Curlers Sublimated T-shirt

Selena Gomez Revival underwear

Selena Gomez Revial Tour Tattoos
Photo: Instagram

You can now buy the Revival Underwear Bra $30 and Undies $30 too!

Transfer versions of all of Selena’s tattoos are also available: Flash Tattoos $10.

Selena Gomez black body black bomber jacket Ottawa Revival 2016 photo
Photo: kennyb899

Around her waist, Selena has tied a Skull Satin Jacket $150.

Selena Gomez Revival Merchandise
Skull Satin Jacket

 Selena Gomez Kill em with kindness t-shirt

UPDATED: 31 May 2016

Selena is wearing a Kill ‘Em T-Shirt $40.

Kill 'Em T-Shirt
Kill ‘Em T-Shirt

Selena Gomez Revival t-shirt

Selena is wearing a Revival Hair Tee $50.

Revival Hair Tee

Selena Gomez white t-shirt Houston photo djriddler
Photo : djriddler

Selena is wearing a Gomez Or Go Home shirt $40.

Selena Gomez Gomez Or Go home t-shirt Revival Tour

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What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Wear?
What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Use

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6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Selena Gomez Revival Tour Merchandise

    1. Hi Ashlie,
      I’ve had a response from Selena’s website as follows:

      “We do not have access to this information at this time. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

      I hope this helps.



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