Selena Gomez Wears Jacquie Aiche

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Selena gomez chain bra and necklace photo Simihaze snapchat
Photo: Snapchat – Simihaze

Selena was captured on a Snapchat by simihaze ( Sama Khadra) on Thursday February 11.

Selena is wearing an JA +SH Diamond Halter Bra $4,690, which is designed by Sama and Haya Khadra for Jacquie Aiche. It is available in 14 carat White, Yellow or Rose gold, and is handmade in Los Angeles.

S&H Diamond Halter Bra


Selena’s necklace is a Jacquie Aiche Thick Chain Diamond Tassel Necklace $5,625.

Selena’s choker is aptly named the Jacquie Aiche Selena Diamond Choker $3,915.

All pieces are currently available at the time of writing

Many thanks to Nina for the information.


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What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Use? Click Image To Find Out More.

What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Wear?
What Make Up Does Selena Gomez Use

SG store 060116



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